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Motorist dash cam and accident reporting

The app prompts the user to collect all vital information needed for their insurance provider this will help process any claim they may have.

There is also a selection of in-built tools to make life easier and to protect the user. Accidents are often highly stressful situations.

Our app helps you to create a detailed accident report to pass to your insurer, simply guiding you through a step by step prompts to capture all the relevant information required. The app prompts you to:

  •  Take a series of photos.
  •  Add extra detail from selectable drop down menus and selectors.
  •  Notify if dash cam footage is available
  •  Follow exactly what to do in the event of an accident step by step.
  •  Create the first notification of loss (FNOL) report that an insurance company or crash management company will need to start the insurance claims process.
  •  Because you have captured the information from the scene of the accident with time stamped and verified photographs, your insurance provider should be able to make educated, accurate and faster decisions when dealing with your claim.
  •  Instant collection of evidence

Do we tick all of your boxes
  •  Fully Featured HD Dash Cam
  •  Dash cam library / manager
  •  Accident Detection System (ADS)
  •  AI Artificial Intelligence
  •  SOS feature
  •  Find Local Services Fast
  •  Reminders
  •  Vehicle Manager
  •  Link to Directions
  •  Report Builder
  •  Report Manager
  •  Business Portal
  •  Photo Image Datestamper
  •  Video exporter
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