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Welcome to the home of First Notification where we design, develop and build innovative useful and intuitive insurance apps streamlining and improving the claims reporting and management process.

We recognise the stress involved when an accident occurs, to help we created the First Notification app, providing a step by step guide, to calmly help a user through the process of gathering all relevant details to submit a claim.

Providing the details captured to an insurer instantly, helps to rapidly evaluate the accident and provide necessary support whilst dramatically reducing claim costs through improved efficiency.

Easier to claim

Designing smart apps for smart devices

We develop our apps with useful everyday features ensuring users become familiar with our app, so if an accident should occur and needs to be captured, the user feels at home and finds the process simple.

Our apps help insurance companies and brokers receive detailed claim information immediately following an accident, enabling them to manage the claim by providing the necessary support and resource whilst minimising the involvement of third party claim handlers.

First Notification understand the importance relating to the security and confidentiality of client data. Our app is fully GDPR compliant. Our apps are built with one simple aim – to take the pain out of the claim!

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Management Team

First Notification team are highly innovative, understand technology and build superior apps. We use these skills with our background and knowledge of the insurance sector to revolutionise and improve the way claims are captured, reported and handled.

We considered there to be a far better way for users to capture and report accidents and for insurance companies and brokers to communicate saving time and money whilst improving the service they offer.

With this background we started First Notification with an aim of becoming the leading app for capturing and reporting claims from a wide ranging sector of insurances.

Dave Roarty

Dave Roarty

Managing Director

As the main developer and founder of First Notification I wanted to produce an App that got the very best out of a mobile phone. So many great features of modern mobiles are under used so I set about bringing them to the fore and showcasing what they can do! When I see what it looks like now it makes me really proud to have led the team that has brought this to you

Glenn Hurley

Glenn Hurley


I'm excited by what we plan to deliver in the future that will be there to help every motorist and passenger who has the App on their mobile. We intend that the App remains easy to use, practical and something that is helpful to all our users. New developments will be coming along every few weeks, if not days, so do come back and see where we are

Phil Van Tenac

Phil Van Tenac


We really want people to get the real benefit from the App, so we packed it full of useful features and, in the coming months, we promise to keep adding features that help the users. Its going to be a really exciting journey for us all so why not download the App and jump on board today

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