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Greetings! You have arrived at First Notification's hub, where we conceive, craft, and construct pioneering, practical, and user-friendly insurance applications that simplify and enhance the claims reporting and administration procedure.

We understand the anxiety that arises when an incident takes place, and to alleviate it, we have developed the First Notification application. This app offers a systematic roadmap that guides the user calmly through the process of collecting all pertinent information needed to file a claim.

By transmitting the data collected to the insurer immediately, we enable prompt evaluation of the accident and provide necessary assistance, while also significantly reducing claim costs by enhancing efficiency.

Easier to claim

Crafting intelligent applications for intelligent devices.

We incorporate practical, everyday functions into our apps to help users become accustomed to them, so that in the event of an accident, they feel comfortable and find the process effortless.

Our apps assist insurance firms and brokers in swiftly obtaining comprehensive claim data following an accident, allowing them to handle the claim by providing the requisite support and resources while reducing the involvement of third-party claim processors.

At First Notification, we acknowledge the significance of safeguarding and preserving the confidentiality of client information. Therefore, our apps are fully compliant with GDPR regulations. Our apps are designed with a single goal in mind – to simplify the claims process and minimize its complexity!

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Management Team

The First Notification team consists of highly innovative individuals who possess a deep understanding of technology and develop exceptional applications. By combining our proficiency in technology with our knowledge of the insurance industry, we strive to transform and enhance the process of capturing, reporting, and handling claims.

We recognized that there was a better approach for users to capture and report accidents, as well as for insurance companies and brokers to communicate, which could save time and money while also improving the quality of service provided.

With this in mind, we established First Notification with the objective of becoming the leading app for capturing and reporting claims across a broad range of insurance sectors.

Dave Roarty

Dave Roarty

Managing Director

Dave, the founder and primary developer of First Notification, aimed to create an application that optimizes the potential of mobile phones. He recognized that many of the exceptional features of contemporary mobile devices were being underutilized and sought to highlight their capabilities. It fills him with immense pride to lead the team that has made this vision a reality, and he is thrilled with the end result.

Glenn Hurley

Glenn Hurley


I'm thrilled about our future plans to provide assistance to every driver and passenger who uses our mobile app. Our goal is to ensure the app remains user-friendly, useful, and beneficial to all our users. We have new updates in the pipeline, which will be released frequently, if not daily. Therefore, please keep checking back to see our progress.

Phil Van Tenac

Phil Van Tenac


Our primary goal is for users to fully experience the App's benefits. Hence, we've incorporated numerous useful features, and in the upcoming months, we plan to continue adding more. We're enthusiastic about this journey and invite you to join us by downloading the App today. Let's embark on this exciting venture together!

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