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iAssist Home

Introducing iAssist – Home

Ensure your peace of mind by effortlessly managing your properties and personal belongings, equipping yourself for the future with precise, organized, timestamped, and location-verified information.

Our app empowers you to create a comprehensive visual catalog of all your property and possessions, complete with detailed descriptions, photos, prices, receipts, and more. All entries are neatly grouped into rooms, offering seamless administration, easy navigation, and unmatched flexibility.

iAssist – Home offers a multitude of practical applications:

Please note: This is a standalone system so the data you insert is fully protected and stays on the device, all data that is transferred to the Apple iCloud is encrypted to a personal algorithm so cannot be read by anyone else.

Do we tick all of your boxes
  •  Catalogue your valuables and collectables with one simple app
  •  Catalogue items you have in your remote storage facility
  •  Your moving and need to know what’s in each box
  •  Keep track of the age of your possessions
  •  Know exactly where your possessions are immediately
  •  Find Local Services Fast
  •  Create an insurance claim document (FNOL) – Buildings
  •  Create an insurance claim document (FNOL) - Contents
  •  Create an insurance claim document (FNOL) – Both
  •  Multiple Properties – ideal for landlords
  •  Create contents inventory for yourself and tenants
  •  Bespoke claims wizard
  •  Photo Image Datestamper
  •  Backup to iCloud
Just some of the devices our apps run on
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