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First Notification is an insuretech company, We help deliver the first notificaiton of loss to the insurance provider and initiate the help the customer needs when its needed.

Our apps are designed to capture as much relevant information from the users smart device as possible, which in turn allows the application's in-built artificial intellgence (AI) to make educated resource decisions autonomously. Used properly our tools can save time and money for both the user and their insurance company.

We always provide a selection of very useful tools and utilities within our apps which can be used everyday as well as during those very stressful situations.

Using artificial intelligence To help drivers!

First Notification is designed to be clever and to make the driving experience easier, safer, and more enjoyable. We have embedded AI so that at times it can anticipate what might be happening and give the user appropriate prompts and guidance. For example, it can detect when it thinks you may have had an accident and ask you about it. From the feedback receieved it can begin to adjust and learn as it monitors driving activities.


Our apps prompt the user in a logical way to collect all the vital information needed for their insurance claim. There is always a selection of in-built tools to help make life easier and to help the user in times of distress.


Our app development schedule involves building apps for particular mobile operating systems, and users access them from dedicated app stores such as the Apple app store or Google Play.


You can take full advantage of the unique first notification system by reusing the ready-made features customised to your branding, allowing you to focus on YOUR business.

Taking the pain out of the claim
 Useful Tools
We develop our apps with useful everyday features ensuring users become familiar with our app, so if an accident should occur and needs to be captured, the user feels at home and finds the process simple.
 Step by Step Guides
We recognise the stress involved when an accident occurs. To help we created the First Notification app, providing a step by step guide, to calmly help a user through the process of gathering all relevant details to submit a claim. Providing the details captured to an insurer instantly, helps to rapidly evaluate the accident and provide necessary support whilst dramatically reducing claim costs through improved efficiency.
 Time-Stamped & Location Verified Photographs
Using the app you capture the information directly from the scene with time-stamped and location verified photographs, with this information your insurance provider should be able to make educated, accurate and faster decisions when dealing with your claim
 24 Hr Support
Get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our business portal. We have a fully auditable trouble ticket system to handle all of your support enquiries.
 Business Portal
Access to your customers directly in your own ringfenced business portal, send notifications, reminders and promotional messages.

View individual and global statistics and trends.
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