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What is First Notification

We design and build our apps to the highest possible specifications, our aim is to capture as much relevant information from the smart device which in turn allows the app(s) to make educated decisions autonomously. We help deliver the first notificaiton of loss to the insurance provider and initiate the help you need when you need it.

Our applications are very intuative to use, the screens are designed to be informative yet easy to follow and all of our apps are optimised so very little space is required for installation. We always provide a selection of very useful tools and utilities within our apps which you can use everyday and during very stressful situations, used properly these tools can save time and money. First Notification does not have access to any of the data at any time. The data collected is stored locally in the smartphone and is not used for any other purpose and that is guaranteed.

wireless dash cam

We believe our apps are intuative and very easy to use.

The apps prompts the user to collect all vital information needed for their insurance provider this will help process any claim they may have. There is also a selection of in-built tools to make life easier and to protect the user.

If you have any questions or want to arrange an online demonstration please call our sales team on 01634 672677 or send an e-mail to

Motorist version.

We develop our apps with useful everyday features ensuring users become familiar with our app, so if an accident should occur and needs to be captured, the user feels at home and finds the process simple.

Accident Detection System (ADS).

We recognise the stress involved when an accident occurs. To help we created the First Notification app, providing a step by step guide, to calmly help a user through the process of gathering all relevant details to submit a claim. Providing the details captured to an insurer instantly, helps to rapidly evaluate the accident and provide necessary support whilst dramatically reducing claim costs through improved efficiency.

Time stamped and location verified photographs.

Using the app you capture the information directly from the scene of the accident with time-stamped and location verified photographs, with this information your insurance provider should be able to make educated, accurate and faster decisions when dealing with your claim.

Insurance Brokers.

Our apps help brokers receive detailed claim information immediately following an accident, enabling the broker to manage the claim by providing the necessary support and resource whilst minimising the involvement of third party claim handlers


The app has so many features. At the touch of a button you can find the nearest filling stations, car parks, EV charging points, recovery services, garages, windscreen replacement services and more, all from your current location within a split second.

The app makes sure you have the right tools at the right time should you have have an accident. Intuitive sequenced screens offer important guidance on what to do after an accident. The system prompts you for all the  essential information and points out what photographic evidence will be needed. The app instructs you to capture all party contact information (if available) and any other relevant data that will be needed for a first notification of loss (FNOL). All the information gathered by both the user and in the background is then compiled into a structured easily readable claim report directly on the smart phone. The questions and structure of the report have been created in consultation with one of the leading independent automotive engineering and assessing companies here in the UK.


Our app has a fully featured dash cam which means rather than buying a dedicated dashcam for your vehicle you can use our dashcam in any vehicle you drive, and as its on your phone its always with you

Nearest Resources

The First Notification app makes full use of GPS to pinpoint essential local services and to record accident locations.

Vehicle Manager

Inbuilt vehicle manager, to prompt you when MOT, Insurance and service's are due, this vehicle is also used in crash reports


Accident Detection System

Inbuilt ADS using AI to detect accidents and record movements (local only).

Accident report

Based on the users input and photographs taken, insurers can make immediate informed decisions from a detailed report

My car location

If you sometimes forget where you parked your car, you can save and return to a set location.

Screen Shots

Please take a look at a selection of screenshots from the driver version of our software here you will find the specific tools and resources available to you when you use the First Notification apps. There are a few subtle differences between the IOS (Apple) and Android (Google) versions. The apps have been natively designed and developed to get the very best from both platforms.

Security and confidentiality

First Notification understand the importance relating to the security and confidentiality of client data. For this reason, no user's data is stored anywhere other than on the users mobile. Only the user can decide to send data during the claim reporting process. As we do not store user's data away from their phone, our app is fully GDPR compliant.

Our apps are built with one simple aim - to take the pain out of the claim!

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